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Camping ouvert du 15/04/2022 au 18/09/2022 | Locatifs disponibles du 05/02/2022 au 06/03/2022 et du 09/04/2022 au 02/01/2023


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BAR-CAFE "La Cabane"

From july 1st

We welcome you to the terrace of the café-bar “ La Cabane” to:

  • Taste our pizzas, our fries and salads
  • Taste our Franch-Comtois  meals: ‘fondues’, ‘boites chaudes’ and ‘tartines gratinees’
  • Savour our ice creams form the Maugain Farm
  • Share a moment of conviviality outdoors with a glass of something

Every morning from 8am :

  • Fresh bread
  • Pastries
  • Coffee
  • Breakfast

Also we can provide meals for groups: from breakfast to dinner and we offer pic-nics.


Terrasse La Cabane