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The Green key



Our camping was established around a generous nature. We strive to preserve the greenery (plants, flora, fauna) generating the least possible disruption.


Our environmental policy is based on the following areas:


  • An investment in rental is part of a sustainable development approach (log cabin)
  • Preservation of natural green spaces, planting perennials and plants of mountain climates. The paths are gravel.
  • The introduction of low energy light bulbs and reducing water flows on all taps and showers
  • The implementation of sorting and collective compost bins and used for flower bed
  • The green waste for mulching hedges
  • Using non-toxic cleaning products (white vinegar and bicarbonate) 

The Green Key label our reward this commitment.


So we ask you to make every effort to contribute to your level, this success.

All you have to do is:

  • reduce your water consumption
  • turn off the lights when you leave local
  • be attentive to the consumption of toilet paper available in health
  • respect the sorting of waste in place
  • use multi-use household products available in the holiday
  • do not throw cigarette butts, paper and other rubbish
  • Stop your engine